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Sozvezdie Investment

The mission of Sozvezdie Investment is to design investment projects and generate new businesses for Sozvezdie Vodoleya Holding Group.

Sozvezdie Investment boasts an extensive project portfolio in:

  • property development;
  • transportation;
  • processing and recycling of solid household waste
  • innovation.

Sozvezdie Investment outsources technology and know-how development services from some of the leading Russian and international think-tanks.

The company is partners with such eminent research institutions as:

  • Russian Academy of Sciences' Institute of Machine Studies
  • Ioffe Institute of Physics and Technology
  • energy division of the Russian Academy of Sciences

The company's innovation services cover nanotechnology, optical electronics and chemistry.

Kristall Project: new know-how to apply silicon carbide (SiC) to silicon (Si).

The outputs of the Kristall project are guaranteed wide use in the consumer manufacturing industry and special-purpose machinery.

SPRUT Project: a highly sensitive oil leak detection system.

SPRUT outputs will be used in oil extraction, oil and petrochemicals transportation, and chemical industry.

IKS-1 runway friction-measuring trailer.

Since the IKS-1 friction-measuring trailer has passed the certification tests successfully the Investment Company Constellation LLC is now working on the production preparation. Starting from summer 2009 the IKS-1 trailers will be produced under the orders of airports and other state and civil aviation enterprises.



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