The Holding Company CONSTELLATION AQUARIUS «Constellation of Aquarius» was established in St. Petersburg in 1991 as a modest law firm, but quickly grew to be the dynamic, fast-growing holding group it is today. The group currently encapsulates 17 companies in different industries, sharing common stewardship, mission, vision and goals. Constellation of Aquarius manages an estimated US $192 million worth of assets, grossing as much as US $132 million annually in earnings.

«Constellation of Aquarius» is a financial holding group successfully engaged in such businesses as research, innovation, property development, shipping, investment, construction and retail.

In its business, «Constellation of Aquarius» is not guided solely by higher financial targets, but also by the awareness that its business means a lot to St. Petersburg and the rest of Russia.

 Years of successful, strident growth have transformed «Constellation of Aquarius» Holding into a strong company with a mature professional and corporate culture. The business community and consumers alike know Constellation of Aquarius as a company of integrity and openness, a company that always makes good on its commitments.

«Constellation of Aquarius» views its reputation as one of its prime assets that helps the company forge strong ties with partners in Russia and beyond.

The business of «Constellation of Aquarius» is underpinned by savvy, rational finance management, which enables the company to invest more and benefit from synergies in economically challenging projects.

The company`s earnings have consistently increased year on year, and this is the best evidence of its correct choice of strategy — a strategy founded on awareness of the social implications of our business. Realizing the importance of what we do, we are committed to further improving our business and maximizing our contribution to Russia`s economic prosperity.

We take pride in our achievements:

«Constellation of Aquarius» Holding, a major St. Petersburg corporation, is known as a stable, rapidly advancing business. We are valued and respected for our quality, reliable and prompt service. Our projects fulfill all the requirements of modern business, and they are all top earners.

We invest in promising innovation initiatives, putting the latest scientific discoveries to commercial use. Our products are in action in oil shipping, at major airports, in the chemical and electronic industries.

While maximizing its presence in the domestic market, «Constellation of Aquarius» has built strong partnerships in Europe, Asia and North America.

Our values:

Ultimate informational openness

Social responsibility

Our goals:

 Steady earnings on shareholders` assets under our management in the long term.

Creation of new businesses.

Our take on business:

We develop and use advanced process management solutions.

We make sure that our employees work in a comfortable, rewarding environment, and our resources are used efficiently and rationally.

«Constellation of Aquarius» pursues two major lines of business: management of existing assets and creation of new businesses. Reflecting these business specialisms, the holding group consists of two core entities: a Managing company and Investment company.

«Constellation of Aquarius» currently employs more than 2000 staff.


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