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Our Businesses
RPC "Sozvezdie"
SC "Sozvezdie"
MTC "Sozvezdie"
Sozvezdie Development.
ASC "Sozvezdie"
Building Managment
Sozvezdie Investment
Constelation USA
Constelation Consulting

Our Businesses
ASC Sozvezdie
Building Management
CC Sozvezdie
Sozvezdie Development
RPC Sozvezdie
Sozvezdie Investment
MTC Sozvezdie
Constellation Consulting
Constellation USA


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Constellation Consulting,
a consulting company which is in the business of helping foreign companies enter the Russian market.

Constellation Consulting, being a part of the Constellation Aquarius Holding Company, is the boutique offering exclusive consulting services. The company has wide experience in assisting our Russian and international clients who represents various industries.

For our international clients, we design and implement Russian market entry or business development strategies; we also help them devise various strategic business initiatives and put them into action. Especially important is the fact, that we do not merely provide strategic advice; we actually help businesses to make it work.

We are a consulting company in the broadest sense of the word, focused on attaining our clients? specific objectives. Our employees fully realize that the achievement of those objectives is the key to advancing the paramount goal of maximizing net earnings and increasing business value.

We assist companies in implementing their corporate strategies. We also provide external project or business line management support through full or partial outsourcing.

Our clients especially appreciate our services because we go beyond designing turn-key corporate strategies: we make them work.

We are here to help you if you wish to start a business, or to acquire, expand or sell your existing business in Russia. Our consultants are highly qualified, vastly experienced professionals with a strong background in both Russian and international business consulting.

We have a long history of success in investment projects, appraisal, auditing, trademark registration, market research, business networking and contracting, and dealing with federal, regional and local authorities.

Over the years our company has shaped up as a strong professional team and established necessary contacts. We are known and respected in the marketplace. We will help you overcome any challenges typically encountered by both domestic and international entrepreneurs in Russia. We ensure that all our services are rendered in rigorous conformity with applicable standards, laws and statutes. Cutting costs for you is the top priority for Constellation Consulting.

Services for international investors

  • Evaluation of Russian business development opportunities for our Ñlient.
  • Instrumental support to enable the client to handle challenges and solve problems prior to entering the Russian market.
  • Detailed action planning to make the international company?s Russian market entry strategy a success.

Our Russian market entry strategy usually consists of the following reports:

  • Strategic market research report.
  • Power map for a specific industry or industries.
  • Profiles of the most attractive opportunities.
  • Description of the optimal business model for Russian market entry.
  • List of potential strategic partners/clients.
  • Description of legal and corporate steps necessary for establishing the company.
  • Start-up cost budget and estimated investment figures.
  • Russian Market Entry Action Plan

To retain or improve their market stature, many Russian and international companies are compelled to invest heavily in better management solutions and initiatives for better business performance. Company owners or CEOs usually hire highly-paid Russian or international consultants. Drawing on Russian and international expertise and their own experience, those consultants will devise strategic business development solutions for their clients, and advise them on how to make them successful. External consultants typically advise their clients on such matters as:

  • Preparing and running an Initial Public Offering (IPO).
  • Preparing and completing a Merger or Acquisition (M&A).
  • Carrying out Due Diligence.
  • Starting a joint business.
  • Corporate reorganization.
  • Business restructuring.
  • Rebranding.
  • Development and implementation of IT strategies/IT system integration.
  • Development and implementation of HR strategies.
  • Development and implementation of investment strategies/investment management system.
  • Development and implementation of a risk management system.
  • Business valuation.
  • Implementing or optimizing standby change control functionality.
  • Design and implementation of strategic management systems for international projects.
  • Design and implementation of goodwill management systems.
  • Design and implementation of cost management systems.
  • Design and implementation of corporate management accounting systems.
  • Design and implementation of strategic planning systems.
  • Design and implementation of budgeting systems.
  • Consolidation of accounting records; design and implementation of reporting period Fast Close systems.
  • Design and implementation of a strategic management system for company owners.
  • Business process reengineering.
  • Benchmarking.
  • Lean Production systems.

We value our reputation!


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